Vanpool 101: How to Use Them as a Recruitment and Retention Tool

Vanpool 101: How to Use Them as a Recruitment and Retention Tool

Did you know that 1 in 3 employees consider the commute when choosing a job? Your current and prospective employees are counting on you to provide them with meaningful transportation solutions. Giving them the option to sign up for a vanpool with 7-15 other people using Commuter Connect is an easy way you can help, and you only need half the occupancy of the van to start! Though some employees may be fine riding in a single occupancy vehicle, this is an expensive option that may not be feasible for all, and it also negatively impacts the environment by contributing to traffic congestion and poor air quality. We’ve compiled some facts about vanpools that show how promoting a vanpool service with employees can help you retain and attract great talent for your company.

Vanpools expands your talent pool

Commuter Connect vans meet at designated spots and provide easy transportation solutions to groups of people throughout Central Indiana who work in a similar area. Providing an affordable and reliable shared transportation system like this opens the door for talent beyond bus lines. Employees are more likely to commute via a shared system when it is convenient for them, and vanpools are an affordable option that make it easy for everyone to ride together and share the costs. We recommend subsidizing employee vanpool fares to help encourage responsible commuting and make your employees happy. Commuter Connect can work with you to get a program set-up for your employees.

Creating culture through a shared commute

The average Central Indiana commuter drives 40.8 miles and spends 50.6 minutes commuting to and from work every day. Giving employees a chance to connect with each other on the way to the office is a great way to promote company culture. Vans have been shown to strengthen employee engagement, and they also increase employee productivity. Anything you can do to make your employees satisfied as they commute will help you with your talent retention in the long run!

ROI through retention

Training employees only to lose them later will cost your company thousands which is why we recommend eliminating any potential dissatisfaction with lengthy commutes ahead of time. A vanpool is a meaningful transportation solution that will not only enrich the lives of employees, but also keep your company strong by removing discontent towards a lengthy commute in a single occupancy vehicle. Plus, shared transportation promotes wellness and lowers employee parking/workspace demands, keeping them happy and raising the likelihood that they’ll remain loyal to your company in the future.

Add benefits that enrich employee lives

Vanpooling with Commuter Connect comes with a host of benefits that are free to the employer but valuable to employees. This includes an emergency-ride-home service that covers you if you need to leave work early, an important feature that can help convince employees hesitant to rely on shared transportation to give it a shot.

Contact Commuter Connect to start a Vanpool Program at your company. Learn more about additional commuting incentives.