Guide to Working an in-Person and Remote Schedule

Guide to Working an in-Person and Remote Schedule

Many Americans found themselves working an all-remote or hybrid (in-person and remote) schedule this past year. This unprecedented change in how we work was a challenging adjustment for some people, but many workers are now interested in continuing to work a hybrid schedule in the future. In fact, a recent survey from FlexJobs found that 31% of all respondents want a hybrid work environment moving forward.

Having the option to work from home gives employees more time in their day to work while being productive with everyday tasks. However, working from home is not without its own set of challenges. Commuter Connect has compiled some tips for employees working a hybrid schedule to help them streamline their lives and maximize their productivity.

Stick to a consistent schedule

Sticking to a consistent schedule for in-office and remote workdays is a great way to ensure that the members of your team are on the same page when scheduling meetings and assigning projects. It’s easier to stick to the same schedule when you pre-plan where you’re going to be ahead of time, and Commuter Connect’s carpool matching can help with this. Employees upload their information and work hours to the system and then they are automatically matched with other carpoolers, making it easier than ever for employees to stay on track during the week.

Schedule meetings for days that people are in-person

Getting face-to-face time to connect over projects and socialize with co-workers is key for maximizing employee productivity during the week. Plan in-person meeting days with your staff in the office to keep your company culture alive and thriving. You can even encourage your employees to coordinate an office carpool or a vanpool using Commuter Connect as a resource to transform your employees’ commutes and help everyone stay connected!

Encourage employees to set up a designated office space in their homes

Employees may find it hard to get into a rhythm of productivity at home when they don’t have an office space set up. A home office doesn’t have to be elaborate to be functional. Employees can simply find an area in their home where they have room for a desk or small table to set their computer, paperwork, and supplies. Encourage them to make the space their own by adding decorations like pictures or a small succulent. Employees with a good at-home office set up will be more productive while working from home and will reduce their overall carbon footprint in the process. For employees frequently working remote, Commuter Connect can help them measure their reduction in carbon emissions to encourage them to continue planning work from home days during the week.

Start a school pool with other parents

Managing a full-time work schedule and taking care of children is challenging for every parent, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Commuter Connect works with schools in Central Indiana to make it easier for parents to get their kids to school. Parents in the same school can connect with one another via a portal and set up carpools. This takes the pressure off parents who don’t have the time to drive, and it’s good for the environment.

Get exercise during a commute by biking or walking to work

Getting in your cardio before you start the workday is good for your health and it feels amazing. Encourage employees that live close by to commute via bike or walking. Central Indiana’s roads have never been more biker and pedestrian friendly, and your employees will find that a little exercise in the morning makes for a more productive day of work.

Commuter Connect services can help hybrid employees plan a more efficient system for commuting and streamline their workday, whether they are in the office or working remote. If you are interested in learning more, contact us and we can help connect you with the right services for your employees: