About Us

In 2004, the Indiana General Assembly created the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority (CIRTA) to expand and improve mass transit in the region. A regional governmental organization, CIRTA works in 10 counties and is governed by a 17-member board of directors. By enhancing transportation connectivity, CIRTA aims to benefit both residents and businesses across Central Indiana.


CIRTA Programs

Helps workers get to suburban industrial park jobs.

Helps residents form carpools and vanpools to reduce air pollution.

Helps residents access existing transit to get across county lines.

Benefits of CIRTA

  • Higher-paying jobs/economic development opportunities
  • Quality of life/connectivity/reduced air pollution
  • Regional collaboration/leveraging federal and state funding

In addition, CIRTA looks to fill transportation gaps through regional collaboration and leveraging federal and state funding.

Our Strategic Plan

Check out our strategic plan that will take CIRTA through 2026!

At CIRTA, we are committed to fostering collaboration and driving positive change in Central Indiana's transportation landscape. Join us as we strive to connect people to opportunities and create a more vibrant and accessible region for all.

CIRTA Policies

Please see our Title VI and ADA policies here.