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An Upside of Teleworking: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Many people have started to work from home during the pandemic which means an average Central Indiana commuter is saving 50.6 minutes of traveling. For every day of telecommuting, the average commuter in our region saves $23 and improves air quality by reducing 32 pounds of pollution from the air we breathe.

We’re collectively reducing our region’s carbon footprint and saving money and CIRTA is here to guide you. Check out Commuter Connect’s online calculator to measure the positive impact you’re making by telecommuting. Measure your reduction in carbon emissions, by signing up for Commuter Connect.

Entering the telecommuting and working-from-home world for the first time? Here are some tips from Commuter Connect staff.

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North Split Upgrades: Driving Progress

North Split Upgrades

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is reconstructing the I-65/I-70 North Split interchange in downtown Indianapolis to repair deteriorating bridges, reduce congestion, and improve safety. Learn about the schedule at NorthSplit.com, where you also can sign up to receive text updates.

CIRTA can help transform your commute to avoid driving alone every day. Click here to learn more.