Tips for Celebrating National Wellness Month

Tips for Celebrating National Wellness Month

National Wellness Month is the perfect time to improve your quality of life by making changes to your daily routine. CIRTA-Commuter Connect offers services and benefits that can make this process easy, and utilizing these services can also positively impact the environment in Central Indiana. This month, we’ve compiled ideas to help you get started with taking better care of yourself and the world around you during National Wellness Month.

Get some exercise by walking or biking to work

Biking and walking to work are a great way to embrace the spirit of National Wellness Month. The benefits to your own personal wellbeing are numerous. You’ll avoid the stress and frustration of dealing with traffic, and if you drive alone, you’ll save on gas too. Exercising more frequently also helps decrease your risk for disease, can help improve mental health, and lowers your carbon footprint, creating a cleaner environment for the people around you! Check out our page on biking resources in Central Indiana to get started.

Improve air quality by telecommuting a few times a week

Another great option to try if you’re looking to skip the drive is telecommuting. This puts more time into your day and helps reduce traffic congestion in your area. Telecommuting has also been proven to increase employee job satisfaction and productivity due to increased flexibility. By telecommuting a few times a week, you’ll have more time to put into your own self-care! Switch up your routine by trying one of our teleworking challenges.

Try going car free

According to Bankrate, 82% of all U.S. adults say money negatively impacts their mental health. For most, owning and maintaining a vehicle is one of the largest financial burdens. With great public transportation options like IndyGo, and opportunities like CIRTA-Commuter Connect’s carpool matching service, it’s never been easier to live a car free lifestyle. Start small by participating in Car Free Day Indy on September 22!

Try some wellness-based events to help stay balanced

National Wellness Month is a fantastic opportunity to get out and explore Indiana’s gorgeous state parks. Turkey Run State Park has great hiking trails and scenery to enjoy. For a peaceful spot to hike and canoe, try Shades State Park. One of our favorite parks is McCormick’s Creek State Park. You can experience forests of diverse trees and a spectacular limestone canyon when you visit. Consider walking, biking, ridesharing, or taking the bus to get there!

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