How to Sell School Pool to Your District

How to Sell School Pool to Your District

The phrase “school drop-off” makes most parents shudder. It floods the brain with memories of the morning rush, stress of ensuring kids reach school with all their belongings, all while maintaining a timeline to avoid being late for work. The CIRTA team knows this pain, but is here to help make school drop off a breeze with School Pool from Commuter Connect. School Pool, a program of CIRTA-Commuter Connect, is a free ride-matching service to help families connect with other families looking to share the drive to school in their area. Here are all the reasons why you should encourage your school to sign up for School Pool!

Flexibility in Scheduling

School pooling with other parents and families gives you more flexibility to build your ideal schedule, rather than relying on traditional forms of school transportation. Sharing the ride makes it easier for parents and caregivers to alternate driving responsibilities, giving the parent more freedom in managing time while remaining confident that their child will be dropped off safely. Joining a School Pool makes it easier to accommodate extracurricular activities, after-school programs, and other commitments, all while reducing transportation and scheduling challenges for busy families.

Easy Registration Process

Registering for a School Pool could not be easier — in fact, it’s automatic. When a school is registered with Commuter Connect, every student is automatically enrolled in the program unless the parent or guardian notifies the school that they do not want to participate. Commuter Connect processes the data of all students that have opted in and generates a match list for each family, which can be accessed through physical copies or an online portal. Just like that, your child has a group of other kids to connect and travel with, and you have a community of caregivers that can help each other.

Reducing Traffic Congestion

One of the most significant advantages of more people carpooling to school is alleviated traffic congestion during peak driving hours. With more families sharing the ride to school, the number of cars on the road is substantially reduced, decreasing total travel time overall and making the commute safer for everyone. Reduced traffic congestion near schools also enhances safety by minimizing the risk of accidents and provides a more pleasant environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

Environmental Benefits

Ridesharing plays a vital role in promoting environmental sustainability. By sharing the ride to school with other families, you’re reducing the overall carbon footprint generated by individual car trips. Fewer vehicles on the road means less greenhouse gas emissions and better air quality in your area. School Pool is an effective and practical way for all families to contribute to a healthier and greener future for their communities. Plus, when you’re no longer driving your children to school each morning, you have freedom to explore greener options to get to work, such as cycling, taking the bus, or joining your own carpool.

Social Connections and Community Building

Lastly, School Pool fosters social connections among families and builds a sense of community. Ridesharing allows children to interact with their peers outside of the classroom, fostering friendships and social bonds that may be different from the ones they already have at school. Parents and guardians can also connect and establish relationships, leading to a stronger sense of community around the school. School Pool not only saves time and reduces transportation costs, but also enhances the overall well-being of the students and families.

Interested in enrolling your school? Talk to your school administrators about the benefits of Commuter Connect’s School Pool Program and ask them to complete our School Pool Interest Form.  A member of our team will contact follow up with more information. You can also reach out to us at with any questions.