Go Car Free or Car Lite with CIRTA in September!

Go Car Free or Car Lite with CIRTA in September!

September is the perfect time to start making changes to embrace a more car free lifestyle. Going car free or car lite can help you get back more time in your day, improve the quality of the environment around you, and even improve your physical and mental health. Next time you’re think about driving alone in a single occupancy vehicle (SOV), consider alternative methods of transportation like carpool, vanpool, biking, walking, or taking the bus. CIRTA-Commuter Connect is inviting you to make the change this Friday, September 22nd on International Car Free Day! Learn about Car Free Day Indy and read on for our top reasons to go car free or car lite!

Going car free or car lite helps you save time

According to the Indiana Business Research Center, the average Hoosier spends about an hour of time, oftentimes more when accounting for heavy traffic, in transit to their job each day. Think of how much you could accomplish with when you add that extra time back into your schedule each day! Choosing alternative transportation options helps eliminate some wasted time; ultimately freeing you up to be productive or just relax on your commute.

Choosing to go car free or car lite is better for the planet

Transportation is the United States’ top source of carbon emissions. 60% of those emissions come from cars. Just think, if everyone picked just two days a week to choose an alternative to driving, like public transportation or remote work, we would see drastic environmental improvements. With scientists predicting rough years ahead for climate change, it’s never been more important to consider making changes to lessen the number of vehicles on the road.

Going fully car free can save a lot of money

Let’s face it, owning a car costs a lot of money. Taking into account the cost of gas, auto insurance, maintenance and depreciation, parking, and loan interest, you likely spend at least $12,182 annually on your vehicle. We recommend ditching your car entirely if you live in or near a city. This will save you money and could even be more convenient for getting around if the area you live in is heavily populated.

Going car free or car lite can help you practice healthier routines

Driving alone in your car every day to work is a sedentary activity and can cause a great deal of stress for the driver. If you live a sedentary lifestyle and keep to this same routine, it can wear on your health over time. Try carpooling with other coworkers so that you’re not driving every day. This reduces carbon emissions and stress (give CIRTA’s free carpool matching service a try). If you live close to work, you could also consider walking, running, or biking to get to the office a few times a week. This helps improve your physical health!

Still have questions? Our team of experts at CIRTA-Commuter Connect are eager to help you find car free or car lite strategies that make sense for your location and lifestyle. Register with Commuter Connect to get tips and information sent directly to your inbox and we look forward to seeing you on Car Free Day Friday, September 22nd!