The North Split Construction Project: Your Questions Answered

The North Split Construction Project: Your Questions Answered

Have you heard the news? One of Central Indiana’s busiest interchanges is getting a makeover! The North Split construction project will redesign where Interstates 65 and 70 meet in Downtown Indianapolis and replace or repair 32 bridges over 3.1 miles of highway.

The North Split construction will affect many of Central Indiana’s commuters, so we’re taking this blog post to give you everything you need to know about this important project. Here are Commuter Connect’s answers to your biggest questions:

Why is the North Split reconstruction happening?

The simple answer: to protect Indiana’s motorists. More than 214,000 people use the North Split every day, but some sections of I-65/I-70 have not been upgraded since their construction in 1968.  Our roads need a tune up! The construction project will also improve areas of the interstate with high accident and traffic congestion rates. This will make commuting safer and easier.

Who oversees the project?

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is overseeing the project with its partner, Superior Construction.

How will the project improve traffic and safety?

The North Split redesign will eliminate the “weaving sections” (places where traffic is forced to cross paths) on the west leg of the interchange near the Pennsylvania and Delaware Street ramps, which will improve both traffic and safety. To find a full list of changes, visit the project overview.

When does construction start and how long will it last?

Preliminary construction started in December 2020 and the project is expected to be finished in late 2022. You can find a full schedule of the project here.

How will construction affect my commute?

It depends on your location and the construction schedule. Currently, the Michigan Street exit is closed and will reopen in late May 2021. The Ohio street exit will close this summer. Additionally, the project might close some local roads to reconstruct bridges. You can stay updated on all the latest updates by signing up for the INDOT’s email newsletters (see below).

What can I do to minimize construction traffic?

Now is the perfect time to set up a carpool with your coworkers. Fewer cars on the road will reduce construction-related traffic AND your stress. If you’re ready to carpool, get started with Commuter Connect today.

I still have questions. Where can I get more information?        

You can visit the North Split website and follow the project on social media. You can also sign up for the North Split project’s e-newsletter for updates. Commuter Connect will also share some big project updates, so make sure you’re following us.

We are looking forward to a safer, less congested North Split interchange. And if you’re looking for a cheaper, greener commute, Commuter Connect is always here to help.