How Commuter Connect’s School Pool Program Makes Drop-Off a Breeze!

How Commuter Connect’s School Pool Program Makes Drop-Off a Breeze!

Commuter Connect’s mission to make the lives of all Central Indiana residents easier by promoting eco-friendly transportation alternatives. Our team has helped hundreds of employees reinvent their commute to work, and now we’re bringing our expertise to the school drop-off drive with our School Pool program. If you are unfamiliar with School Pool or want to sign up, read below to learn more.

What is the School Pool Program?

Commuter Connect’s School Pool service helps you organize a carpool with other families at your child’s school who live close to you. It is a FREE service available to all families at participating schools.

Benefits of School Pool

Driving your child to and from school every day takes time, money, and wear and tear on your car. Families who participate in our program save money and feel less stress. School Pool also gives parents and students the opportunity to connect with new families. Finally, carpooling reduces air pollution and traffic congestion, which makes Central Indiana better for all!

Signing Up for School Pool

Administrators must register their school/district before parents can use Commuter Connect’s School Pool service. See below for specific instructions:

  • Administrators: Call 317-327-7433 or visit our website to get started. You can select either an “Opt-In” approach, where parents register their students, or an “Opt-Out” approach, which automatically registers all parents. You must register before the start of the school year. Contact us to learn more.
  • Parents: Check if your school/district is participating in School Pool at our website. If it is, register through our School Pool portal and we’ll connect you with potential pool partners based on your location and other preferences. Connect with your partner family and if it’s a match, let us know!

Driving alone to school or work can be stressful and expensive. Let Commuter Connect help you find a better way to travel. Once you have register for School Pool, learn more about your commuting options here.