The Financial Benefits of Starting a Carpool or Vanpool

The Financial Benefits of Starting a Carpool or Vanpool

Gas prices are reaching the highest levels they’ve ever been in U.S. history, making this the best possible time to start saving money by organizing a carpool or vanpool. Commuter Connect makes it easy to start a carpool of your own and can help you start the conversation with your employer about a carpool/vanpool program for your workplace. Curious about all the ways that carpooling, and vanpooling can help you save money? Commuter Connect compiled some of the ways you can expect to save once you get started!

Sharing the cost of driving with other commuters

One of the best aspects of starting a carpool or a vanpool is sharing the expenses of commuting with other people in your ride. According to the AAA, the national average for gas prices is over $4 a gallon, and sharing these gas costs with other commuters will reduce your stress. You’ll also only need to pay for one parking space, and one toll fee if you’re driving on state highways. This will effectively cut driving costs for you and everyone else in your carpool in half. Starting an employee run vanpool program can help you save even more money, time, and resources as well. Commuter Connect offers free services to help you organize a carpool or vanpool!

Carpool and vanpool tax benefits

Employer sponsored carpool and vanpool programs save employees money! There are a few ways that employers can do this: They can offer a subsidy for employee commuting costs, where the employer gives additional money outside of the employee’s salary that doesn’t fall within their taxable income, or employers can withhold a portion of employees income to cover transportation costs with pre-tax dollars. Commuter Connect can help you start the conversation with your employer about sponsoring an employee carpool and vanpool program!

More time to be productive

Time is money and starting a carpool or vanpool will help you save more time on your ride! The possibilities are endless, you can catch up on emails while you’re in the car, scroll social media, read new texts, and even converse with other employees you work with about weekly projects and happenings. You can also save time in speedier HOV lanes through carpooling and vanpooling, something that would not be possible if you drove by yourself.

Extending the longevity of your vehicle

Did you know that it costs over $9,000 annually to own a car? This amount can increase with maintenance and repairs that are needed along the way, and by driving in a carpool or vanpool, you can reduce the amount of time that you’re on the road while increasing the overall longevity of your vehicle. Anything that you can do to prolong having to buy a new car will save you large amounts of money in the long run!

Commuter Connect makes carpooling and vanpooling easy for commuters by providing easy ways to connect with other prospective carpooler/vanpoolers in your area, consult on how to get a carpool and vanpool program started in your workplace, education on all the benefits of carpool and vanpool, and more! Visit our Transportation Alternatives landing page and start saving money today.