Commuter Connect’s Guide to Biking in Indianapolis

Commuter Connect’s Guide to Biking in Indianapolis

National Bike Month is coming up in May! This month is all about celebrating the many benefits that cycling provides, from better health to a cleaner, more efficient way to get around. Indianapolis is well-known for being a premier destination for cyclists in the U.S., and we want to give you the inside scoop on how to get the most out of the city if you’re exploring it by bike. The Commuter Connect team has compiled information you can use as you bike to work, school, or just for fun!

Find a Bike Trail

Indianapolis was recently named a ‘Top 15 Biking City’ by Bicycling Magazine for its expansive network of beautiful trails. There are plenty of long-distance options to challenge cycling experts as well as shorter trails for beginners starting their cycling lifestyle. One of our favorite trails is The Big-4 Rail Trail, a popular trail that stretches over 50 miles from Zionsville to Lafayette. Not only does it connect you with several Zionsville parks, but it also takes you through beautiful natural scenery as you ride. Another must-ride trail is the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. This 8-mile trail connects all 6 of Indy’s Cultural districts and is fully paved, making it one of the safest trails to use for exploring the city. Try the Commuter Connect Bike Buddy program to receive professional guidance and recommendations as you explore the bike trails of Indianapolis!

Explore Indy’s Bike Shops

Are you in the market for a new bicycle or gear? Indy has some of the best bike shops around. A city favorite is the Bicycle Garage Indy, with locations in downtown Indianapolis, Castleton, and Greenwood. Bicycle Garage Indy is fully equipped to service and tune your existing bicycles, and stocks a wide variety of items including bicycles from the top dealers around the country, accessories, and E-Bikes. Other popular bike shops include The Psychic Derailleur, Bicycle Hospital, Indy Cycling Specialist, and Gray Goat Bicycle Co. With so many different options to choose from you’re guaranteed to find a shop with the bikes, parts, and service capabilities you’re looking for!

Try a Bikeshare Program

Looking to join the National Bike Month fun but don’t have your own bike? Give a bikeshare programs a try! The Indiana Pacers Bikeshare offers riders access to more than 525 bikes in downtown Indianapolis with the option to check out and return bicycles to any of the 50 Pacers Bikeshare stations. The Pacers Bikeshare program offers a convenient, low-cost way to get around and is a perfect option if you want to turn your walk into a bike ride or if you don’t have space to store a bike at home!

Be Prepared for Your Bike Ride

If you want to tackle Indianapolis by bike, it’s important to do so safely. Make sure you wear your helmet to stay protected as you’re riding on trails and over hills. We also recommend that you buy a light backpack or fanny pack to hold your items when you’re biking, and a water bottle holder to help you stay hydrated. You’re also going to want to invest in a good quality bike lock so that nobody swipes your ride when it’s time for a pit stop. You can find bike locks at any of the previously mentioned shops!

Commuter Connect is here to support seasoned and new cyclists during National Bike Month and beyond! With detailed resources to help you get the most out of biking in the city, including a Bike Buddy program that matches you with experienced cyclists trained by Bike Indianapolis, Commuter Connect is your partner for a better biking experience in Indiana. Learn more about what we can offer you on our website, and we hope you enjoy National Bike Month!