National Bike Month: Top Trails to Explore in Central Indiana

National Bike Month: Top Trails to Explore in Central Indiana

October is National Bike Month! At CIRTA-Commuter Connect, we love to see our fellow Hoosiers out and about on their bicycles, maintaining their physical and mental wellness while protecting the environment. That’s why we are here to educate about the top trails in and around Indianapolis, including biking resources that can help you get the most out of your cycling adventures in Central Indiana.

City of Indianapolis Bike Trails

Indianapolis is a wonderful city for biking, with a wide network of trails that range from short and sweet to long and scenic. The Central Canal Towpath will take you past destinations like Butler University and the Indianapolis Museum of Art. You can enjoy rolling hills as you bike the Eagle Creek Greenway and the scenic White River. The Monon Trail can take you from 10th Street to 96th Street, linking with other trails to reach the west side of downtown. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail connects all six cultural districts in downtown Indianapolis along eight miles. For a full map of existing Indianapolis bike trails, make sure to check out Bike Indianapolis’ 2023 Bike Guide. In need of a bicycle to start exploring these trails, or for everyday uses like your commute to work? Indiana Pacers Bikeshare provides options all around the city for you to hop on a bike and take it wherever you need.

Indiana Greenways

What better way to experience Indiana’s gorgeous natural landscape than cruising through the trees on your bike? If you’re looking for a scenic ride like this, there are many greenways and blueways to choose from. The Morgan-Monroe Hike-Bike Trail, also called the “Breaking Away Trail,” is a five-mile paved forest trail isolated from roads that provides access to the Mason Ridge Camping Area and the fire tower nearby. The Historic Greenways Trails are a network of trails in the city of Franklin that connect various city parks and wetlands, including Morgan and Province Parks. These trails and so many more highlight the impact you can make by choosing to bike. By committing to using alternative transportation, you help improve air quality and keep natural spaces thriving and healthy!

Biking Resources

At Commuter Connect, we make it easy to embrace the cycling lifestyle. If you are interested in becoming a more proficient cyclist or want to learn more about how best to reach your personal destinations via biking, our Bike Buddy program will match you with a trained guide who can help you plan safe and efficient bike routes all over Central Indiana. Biking to work will make the hassle of traffic a thing of the past and will help you get more exercise outside in the fresh air. There’s no better time to fall in love with biking!

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