What You Can Do to Improve Air Quality in Indiana

What You Can Do to Improve Air Quality in Indiana

According to the Indianapolis Air Quality Index, on a national level, Indianapolis air quality is ranked 53 out of 1,517 cities for having the worst particle pollution. High levels of air pollution can cause adverse health outcomes for individuals subjected to it, and it’s important that we all do our part to keep the air clean. Are you looking for inspiration on ways you can help? Commuter Connect has some ideas for you.

Reduce the Number of Trips You Take in Your Car

This is one of the best ways to help clean the air, especially if you frequently drive a SOV, single occupancy vehicle. In fact, Science Direct notes that SOV’s account for 23% of all greenhouse gas emissions. We recommend starting a carpool or vanpool with other SOV drivers to help reduce the emissions going into the air. When you register for Commuter Connect, we match you with other drivers looking to share the ride to make it easy and low effort for you to get started. This service is free and can be done completely on your terms and schedule!

Try Public Transportation

Ever considered not driving at all? With National Dump the Pump Day coming up on June 17, get started by letting public transportation take you to where you need to go. Compared to SOV’s, public transportation produces 95% less carbon dioxide and 92% less volatile organic compounds. You can find transit plans on the Commuter Connect website. The Indiana Pacers Bikeshare is another easy-to-use public transportation option. We recommend getting in the habit of taking public transit here and there to help clean the air.

Walk, Run, or Bike to Where You Need to Go

Walking, running, or biking to your destination is a great way to clean the air on a nice day. Central Indiana has an abundance of trails and parks that you can enjoy as you go. If you’re interested in starting a cycling lifestyle, Commuter Connect offers a free Bike Buddy program that matches you with trained cyclists from Bike Indianapolis that can help you plan your route, give advice on where to park your bike, and tell you how to transport items. This will leave you and the Indiana air in good shape!

Talk to Your Employer About Starting a Pre-Tax Benefit Program

Did you know that a pre-tax benefit program could help you save on your overall commuting costs? We want you to benefit while you clean the air, and that’s why we recommend talking to your employer about starting a pre-tax benefit program if you don’t currently have one in place. A pre-tax benefit program can include subsidized bus fares, preferential carpool/vanpool parking, pre-tax transit spending accounts, and other incentives for commuting sustainably. Get in touch with Commuter Connect if you need help starting the conversation!

From all of us at Commuter Connect, thank you for taking a step towards traveling more sustainably. As more people explore different alternatives for getting around, we move closer towards improving the air quality in our state and lower the risk of damaging the environment and the health of people living in Indiana communities. Learn more about what you can do to help by exploring our website.