How to transform your commute through biking

May is Bike Month. And there’s a reason it’s worth it to take a whole month to celebrate the bicycle!

Humans have been riding bikes for over 200 years now. From bowler hats to safety helmets, the styles of this time-honored transportation has changed with our ever-shifting world. And even in our fast-paced world, it’s never too late to fall in love with biking.

So often in the United States, biking is dismissed as a practical form of transportation due to issues with urban planning and a lack of safe cycling trails. However, regular cycling commuters already know—biking is a healthy form of transportation for both the rider and the world around them.

Read on to learn about how your community can benefit from biking today!

Biking as Connection

If you’ve ever wondered about all the hype around biking, May is the perfect month to try it out. Biking offers a unique opportunity to connect with other people around you. You can bike to an event with your friends. You can take your kids along with you in an attached trailer. Or you can explore a new part of your city through accessible bike trails.

Central Indiana offers so many great biking groups. You can check out any of these sites for cycling-related info and events in your area:

Still unsure how to get started with your biking adventures? CIRTA can help you with our Bike Buddy program. We match you with an expert cyclist who will serve as your tour guide of local trails and biking safety regulations in your area!

Biking as Affordable

The size of a bicycle vs. a single family vehicle already says a lot. But have you ever thought about how much you could save on maintenance costs with a bike?

On average, car owners spend $800 a year in maintenance fees. Compared to an average of $400 spent by bicycle owners, the difference is pretty staggering. That means you could practically cut your vehicle maintenance costs in half when you switch to riding a bike! And that’s not even factoring in the money you save on filling your tank with gas every week.

More bike commuters also means cleaner air, less noise, and a smaller carbon footprint for each person on a bike. Your wallet will thank you when you choose a bike, and the planet will too!

Biking as Fun

And with a new hobby like biking, you’ll have more events to look forward to!

Check out some of our favorite national biking events that happen every month in May. Then make sure to mark your calendars:

Dust off your bike this month and meet us on the trails. You won’t regret it!



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