Commuter Connect’s Guide to Carpool Etiquette

Commuter Connect’s Guide to Carpool Etiquette

Commuter Connect can help you find a carpool, vanpool, or other commuting options. As we all start heading back to work, let Commuter Connect help you ease back into an enjoyable routine. Here are a few things to keep in mind when joining a carpool or vanpool:

Be respectful and courteous to all involved

Being respectful of the agreement that was set in place by being on time, being communicative with your group, and holding up your end of the bargain is the most important way to ensure your carpool will be successful.

Safety must be a priority for both the driver and the passengers

When you are driving; Do not put other people’s lives in danger. Do not text and drive. And especially no speeding! When you are a passenger; Remain respectful of the designated driver by making sure you are not distracting them from the road in any way. This includes loud music, eating, putting on makeup, smoking, etc.

Have a clean car

No one wants to ride in a dirty car. Your car doesn’t need to sparkle, but picking up items laying on the floor, wiping down the seats, and making sure it is well maintained is important for the overall wellbeing of everyone in the carpool.

Establish boundaries before your first carpool

Determine the rules of the car beforehand, so that things such as unnecessary stops do not become a problem and delay everyone’s ride. Setting ground rules on personal preferences can make all the difference in getting where you need to be without any issues!

Above all, remember to be kind to all riders of the vehicle! You all have the same goal in mind, to get from Point A to Point B safely and efficiently. You might as well make the most out of your carpooling experience!

As we return to work in person, make sure you have your affordable commuting options set up with Commuter Connect by registering here and following us on social media. INjoy the ride!