CIRTA’S Top Tips for Overcoming Hybrid Work Challenges

CIRTA’S Top Tips for Overcoming Hybrid Work Challenges

Hybrid working, a reality of the modern workplace, can be incredibly effective but also personally challenging. How do you get the same culture and connection as an in-person employee when you telework? How do you adjust to two separate workspaces, including one with pets, kids, and distractions? If you’re finding yourself struggling to stay on track as a hybrid worker, don’t fret, CIRTA’s Commuter Connect is here to provide you with simple strategies to help you stay productive!

Establish a Dedicated Home Office Space

An important part of adjusting to the hybrid work style is creating boundaries between your “home” and your “home office.” We recommend finding space within your home to use as a dedicated office. Though it’s not realistic to block out every single distraction from your at-home workspace, this will give you stability while working at home and help you stay on task. Consider what your productivity levels are in different parts of your home and move your workspace if you find the area you’ve chosen to be distracting. If you need help planning out your home workspace, reach out to for advice!

Plan Activities with Colleagues Outside of Work

One of the greatest challenges of working a hybrid schedule is experiencing workplace culture, including making connections with other people you work with. However, the potential to have this is still there! Don’t be afraid to reach out and make plans outside of work. If your telework days align with those of your coworkers, consider meeting up at a coffee shop to work together. Not only will this help you feel less isolated, but it will help boost your motivation and productivity. If you’re having trouble finding a carpool buddy, you can check out CIRTA’s carpool match service here!

Take Breaks Outside

Another way to maintain productivity while hybrid working is to take focused breaks. Whether you’re working at the office or teleworking, it’s crucial to step away from the computer, move your body, and get some fresh air a few times a day. You’ll feel happier and healthier during your working hours if you allow your mind periods of rest. A suggestion we have for a break is to get some exercise. A bike ride is a fantastic way to get good exercise in a short amount of time, and CIRTA’s Commuter Connect can even match you up with an experienced cyclist to help motivate you through our free Bike Buddies program!

Start an Office Carpool or Vanpool

For the days you do go into the office, we recommend starting a carpool or vanpool with your coworkers! Doing so helps reduce your carbon footprint while giving you time to connect with others before and after your workday. An office carpool or vanpool is great for building relationships with your coworkers and gives you the chance to tap into the culture of your workplace. For more alternatives to driving alone, check out our website.

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