6 Misconceptions About Vanpool

6 Misconceptions About Vanpool

Vanpooling is an effective, economical, and environmentally friendly way to get to and from work. By sharing a van with a group of people that live and work in a similar location to you, your daily commute can be fun and relaxing while also reducing your individual carbon footprint. If you’re looking to get started with vanpool, you may have questions. How do you find a good group to ride with? What impact would this really have on my wallet? The CIRTA–Commuter Connect team is here to break down five common misconceptions about vanpooling and tell you why it’s great.

Misconception #1: It’s hard to find a group to vanpool with

The first step to commuting in a vanpool is finding people to ride with. This may seem like a difficult task, but Commuter Connect makes it easy with our vanpool matching service. Through this service, Commuter Connect matches groups of people that live and work in similar locations that are interested in joining or starting a vanpool. It couldn’t be easier! In partnership with your employer, CIRTA’s team is also available to come to your place of employment to educate and recruit others to start a vanpool, as well. This can be done with a table set up in the break room, by attending an All-Hands meeting, or by providing materials for any employee communication channels.  Once you find your vanpool crew, all you have to do is meet at your designated spot and ride along.

Misconception #2: Vanpooling doesn’t save you money.

It can be easy to lose track of how much solo driving is actually costing you. All those gas or car maintenance charges, even if your commute is a short one, add up. When you vanpool, you can split those small costs with others and save big on charges such as fuel and maintenance. Commuter Connect also provides a monthly subsidy to help with the cost of sharing the ride! We recommend using Commuter Connect’s Commute Cost Calculator to estimate how much you are paying now on your individual commute, and comparing this cost to our latest vanpool pricing information.

Misconception #3: You won’t have a way home.

If you do vanpool to work, what happens if you have an unexpected emergency and suddenly have to get home? You may worry about not having your own vehicle on hand in these situations, but Commuter Connect is prepared to help you. When you register your vanpool through us, you may also qualify for our Emergency Ride Home service. Learn more about how this service works here!

Misconception #4: Vanpooling doesn’t help the environment.

Another benefit of joining a vanpool is the positive impact they have on the environment. Vehicle emissions significantly reduce, and vanpooling helps decrease the amount of vehicles you and your peers need to get to work. When you and your crew share the ride, you’re removing multiple vehicles from the road and helping to clean your community’s air! Learn more about Commuter Connect’s environmental mission, and how you can track the emissions reduced during your “green commute,” on our website.

Misconception #5: Vanpooling is not fun, relaxing, and easy.

The idea of adding other people to your daily commute may cause a bit of stress, especially if you are used to driving alone. You might be worried about how you will adapt, or that the process of pick-up and drop-off will become too complicated. However, Commuter Connect’s ride matching services ensure that your group is conveniently located around each other to keep your commute flowing smoothly. Vanpooling is also a great way to meet new neighbors and make new connections, bringing more fun to your daily travel! Don’t wait… register for free with Commuter Connect today and get started with your vanpool!

Misconception #6: Riding in a vanpool will require insurance and maintenance costs.

Thanks to our partnership with Commute with Enterprise, insurance, maintenance, and liability are included in the monthly cost.  Not only that, but it also includes 24/7 roadside assistance. CIRTA-Commuter Connect will make sure everything you need is covered so you can enjoy the ride.

If you have any additional questions about vanpooling or other CIRTA-Commuter Connect services, reach out to us via email at or leave a reply below!