An upside of teleworking: Reducing your carbon footprint

In addition to helping stop the spread of COVID-19, another positive of more people working from home is that we’re collectively reducing our region’s carbon footprint and saving money.

The average Central Indiana commuter drives 40.8 miles and spends 50.6 minutes to and from work every day, according to Commuter Connect, the region’s rideshare program.

So for just one day of telecommuting, the average commuter in our region saves $23 and improves air quality by reducing 32 pounds of pollution from the air we breathe.

Check out Commuter Connect’s online calculator to measure the positive impact you’re making by telecommuting. Measure your reduction in carbon emissions, by signing up for Commuter Connect.

Here are some tips from Commuter Connect staff to help those entering the telecommuting and working-from-home world for the first time.

  • Create a safe, efficient and inspiring workplace and have essential tools on hand. Make sure family members are aware of and respect your designated work area, and likewise, you should respect their areas for school or play.
  • Embrace your usual schedule and routine as much as possible, including starting your workday the same time you would start in the office
  • Communicate with team members about your schedule so they can field your calls when necessary throughout the day.
  • Respond to emails, texts and calls within 15 minutes, if at all possible
  • Plan breaks throughout the day, and take them. Getting fresh air and sunshine is good for your mental and physical well-being.
  • If you typically work in a workplace with a lot of interaction, make it a point to touch base with co-workers occasionally. Have virtual “hallway chats.” Grab “lunch” via online conferencing services. Do quick “Can I pick your brain?” calls to make up for the loss of creative and productive casual interactions you’ll otherwise miss.
  • Be disciplined, but not so disciplined that your home worksite is more restrictive than your workplace.
  • Set boundaries separating work life from home life.