Plainfield & Whitestown Schedule Updates

Beginning February 20, 2023, the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority’s (CIRTA) Workforce Connectors to Plainfield and Whitestown will no longer run Sundays or after 7:00 PM Monday – Saturday. We understand the adjustment to the operating hours may impact you. We are here to help. Please find a list of frequently asked questions below or reach out to CIRTA at or at 317-327-7433.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the new operating hours on the Plainfield and Whitestown Workforce Connectors go into effect?

They will begin Monday, February 20th, 2023

What routes are being affected by the new operating hours?

The routes impacted are CIRTA’s Plainfield Connector and Whitestown Connector. The changes ONLY impact routes that operate Sundays and on weekdays and Saturdays after 7PM.

Why are the hours changing?

The change in operating hours was based solely on ridership and operating costs.

The changes impact my ability to get to and/or from work, what are my options?

CIRTA can assist in finding new methods of transportation to and/or from work. Potential solutions include subsidized rideshares or shared car/vanpools with others working in the area with similar schedules. 

Who do I contact for help?

If you have been impacted by this change, reach out to us at or by calling 317-327-7433. We would be happy to talk to you about potential solutions or connect with your employer on how they can provide free or low-cost transportation benefits for their employees to get to work.

Is there a chance the evening and Sunday hours will be added back to these routes?

We are constantly evaluating the effectiveness of our service. If we see that more employers and employees need this route, we are happy to see what is possible.

Can my employer help me with transportation?

CIRTA often works with employers on transportation issues. We are happy to contact your employer and discuss our services and the impact of these operating changes. Please call or email us with the name and contact person of the relevant person at your workplace.

Where can I view the updated bus schedule?

The updated schedule can be found online at