Your Guide to Car Free Day Every Day

Your Guide to Car Free Day Every Day

If you have seen Commuter Connect’s website or social media pages, you likely have seen something about our new initiative, Car Free Day Every Day. In this blog post, Commuter Connect shares everything you need to know about Car Free Day Every Day so you can get involved.

Introducing Car Free Day Every Day!

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the average Central Indiana commuter drove 40 miles and spent 50 minutes getting to and from work. Now, the average telecommuter is saving more than twenty dollars a day by not driving, while improving our air quality by removing thirty-two pounds of pollution.

You can continue to save time and money, reduce traffic congestion, and protect our local environment by choosing to go carfree every day! And Commuter Connect is your FREE one-stop shop for all your carfree or car-lite commuting needs.

Register with Commuter Connect in September (or if you’re already registered, refer a friend) and you’ll be entered to win a $500 Visa gift card and other great Car Free Day Every Day prizes.

Origins of Car Free Day Every Day

The Car Free Day Every Day program runs through September, which coincides with International Car Free Day on September 22. On International Car Free Day, communities across the country and around the world work to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution by promoting the use of transportation alternatives such as telecommuting, public transit, vanpools, walking, biking, and more.

Central Indiana has celebrated Car Free Day since 2016. Our Car Free Day events featured live music, food, raffle prizes, and opportunities to learn more about carfree transportation options.

In 2019, more than 1,200 Central Indiana residents pledged to go carfree for our fourth annual Car Free Day Indy in which Commuter Connect hosted two live events to celebrate. Our morning event took place outside the Cummins headquarters and featured DJ Kyle Long. Emmis and Hank from WLHK-FM co-hosted our afternoon event at Monument Circle, which featured Indiana’s popular music act, The DOO! Band. Our fourth annual Car Free Day Indy was so successful that Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hoggsett declared it an official day of recognition!

Car Free Day Indy

Join Us!

Though we cannot celebrate International Car Free Day in person this year, you can still reduce traffic congestion and air pollution by celebrating Car Free Day Every Day! Sign up for the free Commuter Connect service for your chance to win our raffle prizes! Register here with Commuter Connect.