How to Make it Easier for Your Employees to Commute

How to Make it Easier for Your Employees to Commute

Did you know that the average commute to work and home again is more than 52 minutes for most Americans (U.S. Census Bureau)? This can contribute to burnout and job dissatisfaction, causing employers to lose talent. Don’t let this happen to your company! Employers have an important role to play in ensuring that the employee commuting experience is painless and convenient. There are many strategies you can implement to accomplish this. Here are some of our favorite ones at Commuter Connect!

#1: Establish Pre-Tax Flex Accounts

Ever heard of pre-tax flex accounts? These are accounts that the employer establishes for employees to use for commuting-related expenses like parking and transit. This makes it easier for employees to choose responsible commuting options like carpooling or taking public transit over traveling in a single occupancy vehicle (SOV). Commuter Connect can sit down with you to talk through the unique needs, challenges, and expectations of your company. They are a great resource to help in setting up pre-tax flex accounts!

#2: Subsidize Bus or Vanpool Fares

Bank Rate estimates that U.S. commuters spend around $8,466 on average every year just getting to work. We recommend subsidizing bus or vanpool fares for employees that take public transit to help them save money and keep them satisfied! Your employees work hard to keep your business healthy, and they’ll appreciate you for not making them use their paychecks to get to the office. If bus routes aren’t available near your employees’ communities; they can register for Commuter Connect and we can assist with setting up a vanpool program!

#3: Set up Preferential Parking for Carpoolers/Vanpoolers

Preferential parking is an incentive that may convince your workers to commute together instead of alone! Preferential parking spots make it easier for employees to get parked and settled into their workday; and it shows good faith to those individuals who decide to commute responsibly. Commuter Connect will even provide the signs for the new spots free of charge!

#4: Stick to a Flexible Schedule Policy

According to CNBC, 64% of workers would consider quitting if asked to return to the office full-time. This sentiment represents a major change in the expectations workers have with the global pandemic, and employers need to take note. Not only is providing flexible remote work schedule options important in keeping workers happy, but it also helps with traffic congestion and air quality.

#5: Install Bike Racks at the Office

Biking is a great way for employees to enjoy being active and getting to work at the same time – Something that can help with productivity during the day. However, if employees have no place to lock their bikes up, they may opt for less responsible, less active commuting options. Commuter Connect’s solution to this problem is installing bike racks at the office so everyone has somewhere to safely lock up their bike! Commuter Connect is here to help with effective commuting solutions to help you retain current talent and attract new talent. Register now!