How School Pool is Making Parent’s Lives Easier

How School Pool is Making Parent’s Lives Easier

Coordinating and providing rides to children while trying to manage your life and career is challenging. School Pool, a service of Commuter Connect, was created to make parent’s lives easier while also reducing carbon emissions and stress levels. As the start of school draws closer, the Commuter Connect team has compiled information for you about our School Pool service, including how it works, and how it can help streamline your life and the lives of your children in the coming year.

What is School Pool?

School Pool’s function is right in the name – it’s a carpool matching service specifically for parents looking to share the ride to school with other parents. Your school or school district signs up for the program and then becomes registered in Commuter Connect’s database. From there, you’re able to sign up and find other families nearby. If you need some advice on how to start the conversation of getting your school registered with Commuter Connect, get in touch by sending us an email.

How does School Pool work?

We designed the School Pool Program to be intuitive and easy-to-use. After signing into the Commuter Connect School Pool portal, you’re ready to start finding matches immediately. You can provide criteria that matters to you to help our system match you with the right people, including but not limited to home address, school location, commuter preferences, and more. Once you receive your matches, all that’s left to do is contacting your matches to discuss driving schedule, expenses, etc. For more information on what to expect when using School Pool for the first time, download our flyer.

Why should I be using School Pool?

School Pool provides numerous benefits that make getting to school less stressful for you and your children. One of the most important is that it gives you more time in your week to get things done that would otherwise be spent giving rides to school. School Pool also helps teach children about the importance of ride sharing for cleaning the air and protecting the environment at an early age, while allowing them to socialize with their school peers and make new friends. On top of this, using School Pool shows a good example to other families and can lead to more people commuting responsibly, helping improve the quality of Indiana’s air.

School Pool is the perfect solution for your school transportation headache, and that’s why more and more schools continue to sign up to use the service. View participating schools on our website and contact us by emailing or calling us at 317.327.7433 if you don’t see your school on the list.