When you know the facts, Indianapolis transit makes even more sense.

If you ride IndyGo, commuting could cost you as little as $4 a day. That's less than your morning coffee.

Commuting to work takes a bite out of your wallet. In fact, it may be costing you $20 or more a day just to get to work, when you consider gas prices, parking and vehicle wear and tear. Find out how much your commute is costing you.

About 27,000 people ride IndyGo every day. The number of riders continues to increase as gas prices rise.

83 percent of Hoosiers drove to work alone in 2006, according to the U.S. Census. Indiana ranks fifth in the nation in the use of single occupant vehicles. Alabama, Tennessee, Ohio and Michigan have even more single occupants, while Hawaii, New York and DC rank in the bottom three.
~U.S. Census Bureau

The average commute time is 25 minutes in the U.S. Indiana ranks 31st for the amount of time Hoosiers spend on the road going to and from work at an average of 22 minutes. New York has the highest commute time at 31 minutes, while North Dakota has the shortest at just 15 minutes.
~U.S. Census Bureau

31 percent of Hoosiers live and work in different counties, according to the U.S. Census. Indiana ranks 15th in the nation for the percentage of residents who don't work in their home counties.
~U.S. Census Bureau

Public Transportation in Action. Area residents use alternative transportation to get to work or school.