South Plainfield Connector

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Public transportation connecting IndyGo Route 8 with the South Plainfield industrial park area and The Shops at Perry Crossing

The South Plainfield Connector is a service of CIRTA, the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority.  The service runs on weekdays, Monday through Friday.  The route allows passengers to transfer between IndyGo and the South Plainfield Connector, providing a public transportation option for traveling between Indianapolis and Plainfield.  IndyGo and the South Plainfield Connector transfer passengers at the IndyGo Route 8 - Washington St. stop on the northbound side of Bridgeport Road, between Washington Street and Perimeter Road.  The Connector travels through the Plainfield industrial park area, making 11 stops on Airtech, Whitaker, Reeves and Perry Roads.

The South Plainfield Connector makes one early morning stop at 5:15 a.m. in downtown Indianapolis at Delaware and Washington.  After making this stop, the Connector travels to Plainfield via I-70.  After circulating through the Plainfield stops, the Connector travels to Bridgeport Road and stops there, then runs in a loop pattern between Plainfield and Bridgeport Road. 


The fare is $1 exact change per one-way trip.  No pennies are accepted.

A 10-trip pass is available for purchase on the bus with cash ($10). Agencies and employers may contact CIRTA at 327-RIDE for information about purchasing multiple passes.

All sales are final and are non-refundable.

Schedule (Monday-Friday)

PLEASE NOTE: The 5:15 am Connector pickup is no longer at Capitol & Ohio.  The 5:15 am pickup has moved to Delaware & Washington, across the street from the IndyGo Transit Center.

Delaware and Washington* IndyGo Route 8 Stop - Bridgeport Rd. Airtech Pkwy. & R. Reagan Blvd. Perry Rd. & Stafford Rd. Target IndyGo Route 8 Stop - Bridgeport Rd.
5:15 am -- 5:37 am 5:48 am 5:53 am 6:01 am
-- 6:23 am 6:28 am 6:40 am 6:45 am 6:53 am
-- 6:55 am 7:03 am 7:12 am 7:17 am 7:25 am
-- 7:26 am 7:31 am 7:43 am 7:48 am 7:56 am
-- 7:56 am 8:01 am 8:13 am 8:18 am 8:26 am
-- 8:26 am 8:31 am 8:43 am 8:48 am 8:56 am
-- 8:56 am 9:01 am 9:13 am 9:18 am 9:26 am
-- 12:29 pm 12:34 pm 12:46 pm 12:51 pm 12:59 pm
-- 12:59 pm 1:04 pm 1:16 pm 1:21 pm 1:29 pm
-- 1:29 pm 1:34 pm 1:46 pm 1:51 pm 1:59 pm
-- 1:59 pm 2:04 pm 2:16 pm 2:21 pm 2:29 pm
-- 2:29 pm 2:34 pm 2:46 pm 2:51 pm 2:59 pm
  2:59 pm 3:04 pm 3:16 pm 3:21 pm 3:29 pm
-- 3:29 pm 3:34 pm 3:46 pm 3:51 pm 3:59 pm
-- 3:59 pm 4:04 pm 4:16 pm 4:21 pm 4:29 pm
-- 4:29 pm 4:34 pm 4:46 pm 4:51 pm 4:59 pm
-- 5:03 pm 5:08 pm 5:20 pm 5:25 pm 5:33 pm
-- 5:33 pm 5:38 pm 5:50 pm 5:55 pm 6:03 pm
-- 6:03 pm 6:08 pm 6:20 pm 6:25 pm 6:33 pm

Effective 7/1/2016

*After departing from Delaware and Washington, bus travels to all Plainfield stops shown on route map

Route map

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Printed materials

Click here for a printable PDF of the South Plainfield Connector brochure.

Click here to request copies of the South Plainfield Connector brochure.

Click here for IndyGo fixed route schedules, including Route 8 - Washington St.

The South Plainfield Connector was initially funded by a federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality (CMAQ) grant, with support from the Town of Plainfield, and is currently funded by the Town of Plainfield, the U.S. Federal Transit Administration Section 5307 program, and the Indiana Public Mass Transportation Fund.

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