Ever thought about a different way of commuting?

One that’s healthier and costs less? One that turns empty, frustrating and expensive commute time into your time? We have the answers to your questions about carpools, vanpools, commuting by bus, or even providing biking and walking matches. Commuter Connect is Central Indiana’s FREE resource to help you make it happen. It’s time for you to rule your rush hour.

Have you ever thought about sharing a ride?

Why use alternative transportation?

The benefits of commuting via carpool, vanpool, bus, bike or walking are many:

  • Reduce your stress.
  • Save money on gas and parking.
  • Minimize wear and tear on your vehicle.
  • Help reduce air pollution in Central Indiana.

Worried about needing a ride home in an emergency? All registered commuters, who work for a registered employer, have access to our free Emergency Ride Home service. Convince your employer to register (it's free for them too) and you might even be able to use pre-tax dollars to pay for your commute. The more you look at it, the more sense it makes to start a new way of getting to work:

Download the Emergency Ride Home brochure (PDF).


Commute Cost Calculator

You might be surprised to see how much you are spending to commute to work each day

Remember this calculation does not include the cost of your time spent sitting in traffic, maintaining your vehicle, or repeatedly filling your gas tank.