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20,000 miles and still pedaling.
I bike to work year round. From Fishers to Carmel and back it’s a 25-27 mile round trip. I log my miles just to keep track and at times serve as a motivator, especially in late January or early February when the novelty of winter starts to wear off. It turns out I passed the 20,000 mile mark in the past five years. If you consider 30 miles per gallon and $3 per gallon, then those 20,000 miles equal about $2,000 in gas money not spent and 3,500+ pounds of CO2 emissions avoided. And I’m probably healthier for it too.
~Tom S.

Carpooling for a long commute.
I had always been interested in carpooling, but when gas prices hit $4 per gallon, it became almost a necessity with my 56-mile commute. I’ve been commuting since 2008 from Muncie to Carmel with a person who works just across the street and has the same hours. Neither of us drives more than three days a week and it’s worked out great!
~John F.

Saving money with our carpool.
I highly recommend carpooling. We now have a total of three people carpooling and expect a fourth to begin soon. It has decreased my gas bill from $530 per month to $175 per month. We rotate cars and drivers daily so it also saves on wear and tear on the car. It gave me an opportunity to meet new people too. As an added bonus, since we leave at 5:50 a.m., if you want to sleep you can!
~Paul G.

Emergency Ride Home helps this father of five.
Having a family of five, there are often times when an illness or emergency takes place requiring a ride home at short notice. My experience has been that it is easy and fast and most of all very convenient to use the Emergency Ride Home service. After filling out the required form online, calling for a ride and arranging a meeting place; it’s just a few minutes till the taxi cab arrives. The drivers have always been friendly and courteous. With this program, there are no interruptions in the other carpool riders’ hours or schedules. This is an excellent program for workers and their families.
~Gerald K.

A skeptic finds her perfect match.
First let me say that I was hesitant because I thought Commuter Connect would never find me someone to carpool with since I live in Anderson. But within a few days I received an email with matches. One of them turns out to live close to my home and even used to work with my father. It was a perfect match and we have been riding together ever since. With gas prices the way they are, I am so glad. I have referred several of my friends to Commuter Connect and will continue to do so. I think the process is so simple and the people are so friendly. Thanks!
~Marion H.

Using the Emergency Ride Home on short notice.
When my co-worker had to unexpectedly work late, I found myself needing a ride home from Carmel to Beech Grove. We had not officially registered our carpool with Commuter Connect so I didn’t think the Emergency Ride Home was available to me. However, I was able to work with my company’s ETC (Employee Transportation Coordinator), and Commuter Connect to register and print a ride voucher. The taxi was prompt, professional and courteous. I am so glad we have the carpool and Emergency Ride Home program. Even though it worked so smoothly from me, I would encourage you to register your carpool now before you need the service.
~Robin F.

Carpool driver to roommate.
I live in a small town, kind of out of the way, so I wasn’t expecting much from Commuter Connect. But after a few months, I got a call from someone who needed help. She does not drive so she contributes gas money, which has been a tremendous help for my budget. As time went on, we became quite friendly and when she needed a place to live, my spare bedroom was just right. Who knew I’d end up with a roommate from my carpool!
~Kaye P.

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