Commuter Connect for Employers

The costs and headaches associated with commuting continue to increase. As a result, more workers are thinking about their commute when they assess prospective jobs.

Consider these stats from a 2011 Harris Interactive poll for the Workforce Institute:

  • 1/3 of employees consider the commute when choosing a job
  • 48 percent said commuting has a significant effect on job satisfaction
  • Some 5 million U.S. employees have called in sick to avoid their commutes

Commuter Connect offers free services that help you address some of your employees’ biggest concerns and offer them significant employee benefits at little or no cost.

Consider how some Central Indiana employers are helping their employees with commuting:

  • Pre-tax flex accounts for commuting-related expenses – and it’s not just for parking!
  • Partially or fully subsidized IndyGo and Workforce Connector passes and/or vanpool fares
  • Shuttle services to and from select park-and-ride or transit locations
  • Preferential parking for vanpoolers and carpoolers
  • Incentives for vanpooling and carpooling
  • Bike lockers and shower facilities