How Commuter Connect for Employers Works

Commuter Connect offers the following FREE services to Central Indiana employers.

A commuter-friendly workplace assessment.

We’ll visit your workplace and assess it for commuter accessibility and friendliness, considering such factors as:

  • Parking availability and cost
  • Access to viable public transit options
  • Access to alternative modes of commuting (carpools, vanpools, bikes, etc.)
  • Options for commuting-related tax benefits
  • Use and availability of company-offered transit and/or vanpool subsidies
  • We’ll talk with leadership and staff about their commuting desires and concerns

Recommendations for improving your company’s commuter friendliness.

After assessing your workplace, we’ll provide recommendations that outline ways you can increase employee satisfaction and productivity through improved commuting options. This will include descriptions of benefits you can offer at little or no cost, and will provide recommendations and materials for communicating commuter options to your employees and prospective employees. Commuter Connect will even draft commuter information for you to include in your employee handbook and the materials you give to new hires.

An on-site Commuter Connect Information Fair.

We’ll provide your employees with information and one-on-one guidance on how they can improve their commute, how your firm is helping them get to and from work with less stress and how they can benefit from other programs offered by Commuter Connect, such as vanpool and carpool “matchmaker” services. In addition, we’ll sign up your employees as Registered Commuters, which will qualify them for a range of benefits, including a free Emergency Ride Home (only registered commuters – certain restrictions apply). If desired, we can even present our “Commuter 101 Workshop” to your entire workforce. This information fair can be done independently or as an added benefit to your other events (regular benefits fair, health & safety fair).

Ongoing access to Commuter Connect resources.

You and your employees will have quick access to information on commuting options every workday.