Benefits of Commuter Connect for Employers

Commuting to work with others helps employers and their employees.

  • Enhanced employee recruitment:
    Your company will be more attractive to job candidates and can hire from a larger geographic area.
  • Greater workforce stability:
    When employees have access to reliable transportation, there is less turnover and absenteeism.
  • Improved employee productivity:
    Workers are more likely to arrive on time, less agitated from their commute and ready to work.
  • Reduced parking costs:
    When more employees use alternative modes of transportation there is less demand for parking spaces.
  • Decrease in tax burden:
    When employers offer pre-tax accounts to pay for employee transportation costs, the tax burden for both the employer and employee is reduced.
  • Tax free raises for employees:
    Employers can subsidize employee transportation costs up to $255 per month. This employee benefit is non-taxable income and can be deducted by the employer.
  • Improved public image:
    Employees and the community will see your company as a “green” employer.
  • Commuter Bike Benefit:
    An IRS reimbursement that employers can offer employees who bike to work.