Commuter Connect Vanpool

A vanpool consists of 5-15 people commuting from similar origins to similar destinations each workday. The van is provided through Commuter Connect and passengers pay a monthly fare which secures their seat in the van.

Commuter Connect partners with Commute with Enterprise to provide all vanpool vehicles.

Monthly fares include the following items:

  • License and Registration Fees
  • Liability, Collision and Comprehensive Insurance
  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance
  • Unscheduled Vehicle Repairs and Tires
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support (local staff assistance for vanpool emergencies)
  • Optional Fuel Card Program

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Monthly Fares

The pricing below assumes full occupancy per vehicle. These prices do not include sales tax, VLF, gas and applicable parking expenses. NOTE: The prices below will vary with less people in a van and changes in mileage. The vehicle cost will not change, but those other variables will affect the prices.

Commuter Connect may also provide a $50 subsidy per person, per month towards vanpooling. This is not included in the pricing below.

*Some restrictions apply to subsidy, please contact Commuter Connect for more details.

Vanpool Pricing

*Employers/Agencies located in the City of Columbus, please click here for pricing.  Employers/agencies in Columbus with employees originating outside of Commuter Connect’s 9-county area will need to pay this amount (contained in the previously mentioned link) in order for their employees to receive the subsidy that pays for the remaining cost of the vanpool fare. Please contact the Commuter Connect Vanpool Coordinator for more information.

Monthly Mileage 7-Passenger Vehicle (estimated cost per person) 12-Passenger Bench Seating Van (estimated cost per person) 15-Passenger Bench Seating Van (estimated cost per person)
500 $130 $83 $68
750 $134 $85 $70
1,000 $137 $85 $71
1,250 $137 $88 $73
1,500 $139 $88 $73
1,750 $139 $90 $73
2,000 $141 $90 $73
2,250 $143 $91 $74
2,500 $146 $92 $75
2,750 $149 $94 $77
3,000 $150 $96 $78
3,500 $157 $96 $87

Find a Vanpool Already on the Road

If the contact information for that van is listed, contact the van and get started. If the contact information of the van is not listed, then it currently doesn’t have any open seats; but you can check back periodically to see if seats become available.

Contact Commuter Connect to find out how you can start your own vanpool!

Download the Vanpool FAQ