Bus rapid transit throughout Indianapolis.

The vision of bus rapid transit (BRT) in the Indianapolis metro area has gained momentum. The Indy Connect transportation initiative puts forth a plan for four BRT lines that provide service to highly traveled areas. 

BRT is transit service that runs like you would expect light rail but uses existing or new lanes of road instead of tracks.  BRT runs every 10-15 minutes and controls traffic signals to reduce travel time. BRT has frequent stops at upgraded transit stations with lighting, benches, and announcements so travelers know when the next bus is arriving.

Bus rapid transit benefits many areas of our community:

  • Environment: Rapid transit can eliminate thousands of vehicles from crowded roadways, reducing energy consumption and pollution.
  • Economy: Alternative transportation systems bring opportunities for the revitalization and development of areas near transportation routes, creating jobs and connecting workers to workplaces.
  • Quality of life: Rapid transit gives residents increased mobility, getting them to work, play, needed services, community amenities and friends and family more quickly and easily. And it gets residents out of traffic – where the average commuter spends 43 hours a year – and away from gas pumps.
  • Cost effective way to reach more people: Bus Rapid Transit, because it does not require rail to be built or upgraded, is a cost effective way to provide more rapid transit service to more people in Central Indiana.

Under this plan, BRT has been added to highly traveled streets to connect with other busses, roads, and bike and pedestrian pathways. Learn more about the target lines and destinations.

Public Transportation in Action. Area residents use alternative transportation to get to work or school.