Improved and expanded regional transportation makes sense for Indianapolis.

The Central Indiana region is dependent on automobiles. The vast majority of residents commute to work alone in their cars. As the population has exploded in suburban areas, so has traffic congestion and the cost of relieving that congestion with more roads. CIRTA’s goal is to provide more attractive, affordable and dependable public transportation options so that Central Indiana residents and visitors have more choices than driving alone in their cars.

Some people cannot even get to work, play, education or healthcare because they don’t have a car or cannot afford one. In short, we have a mobility crisis in Central Indiana. The solution to this crisis lies in public transit. Transit can benefit you, your neighbor, your business and the region:

  • Transit gets people to work, play, healthcare, and education. It connects workers with employers.
  • Even if you don’t use transit, but you need it. The people you depend on, depend on transit.
  • Transit not only gets people to jobs it creates jobs.
  • Transit attracts new companies (job creators) and new workers. It’s a growth strategy for our region.
  • Transit is about the future of our region. This isn’t only an issue for today or five years from now. It’s an issue we have to address to be ready for the next 20 or 30 years.
  • Transit provides an alternative to driving for those who do have a choice. With gas prices are on the rise, transit is the only alternative.
  • Transit saves time. Americans who use transit save 785 million hours in travel time a year.
  • Transit saves money. Americans who use transit save 640 million gallons of fuel each year.
  • Transit helps communities grow. For every $1 invested in transit, $4 in economic returns is generated.

To make transit a reality in Central Indiana. We need legislative action, we cannot fund it with existing sources of funds and legislative action is required in order to even have the opportunity for local communities to expand transit options.

While most people support public transportation, many are concerned about the cost. Remember, all forms of transportation – including the roads and highways you drive on today – are subsidized. CIRTA and its partners believe that Central Indiana voters should have the final say in determining if any and all improvements to our regional transportation systems will be funded. Before you have that choice, the Indiana General Assembly needs to first create a law that would allow voters the opportunity to vote for transit funding.

To build and operate the transit portion of Indy Connect, CIRTA and Indy Go will partner to use new local transit revenue, federal transit funding, state transit funding, and rider fares. CIRTA will also explore Public Private Partnerships to bring private investment and the fiscal discipline of private sector investors to support implementation of the plans. This approach emulates other successful processes experienced in similar-sized cities around the country that have dedicated transit funding via referenda and that also utilize public private partnerships.

Public Transportation in Action. Area residents use alternative transportation to get to work or school.