Throughout May try carpooling, taking the bus, biking, walking or vanpooling.

You can save money, reduce stress, burn calories, recapture some time, and win great prizes.

Enter to win each time you use alternative transportation throughout the month—just log your commutes.

Find our winners by clicking here!

Check out the New Commute Calendar!

Commuter Selfie Contest

Post a selfie while commuting with the #IndyCommute hashtag on the Commuter Connect Facebook or Twitter pages, and you’ll be eligible for weekly drawings for gift cards. Drawings will be held the four Fridays in May.

How the Commuter Challenge works

Step 1

Login or register for a free Commuter Connect account

Step 2

Go to the Commute Calendar

Step 3

Log the date and how you got to work

Step 4

Automatically be entered for chance to win

Weekly prize drawings will be held in May, so continue to take and log alternative trips throughout the month. See the official Commuter Challenge rules.


Mobile RemindersHave a Smartphone?

Time Saving Tip

Set weekly text or email reminders on Friday to log your commute for the whole week in < 1 minute.

Set Commute Report Reminders: Make the process even easier by signing up for Commute Report Reminders. Click Commute Reminders and New Match Alerts after logging in. With this feature, you can activate reminders via email or a text message. After logging in, the link goes directly to a page to report your commute—it saves you a step!

Reminders can be set daily or weekly.


New to Ridesharing?

We have all the tools to help you get started.
  • Our ridematching service offers is a simple and secure way to find carpool and vanpool partners and even people who are willing to be a biking buddy.
  • Determine your cost savings with the Commute Cost Calculator.
  • Use IndyGo’s Trip Planner to find which bus is right for you.
  • Never be stranded with our Emergency Ride Home. If you carpool, vanpool, take the bus, walk or bike more than three times a week, you have a built-in safety net when there’s an emergency (some restrictions apply).

Check Out Our Winners!

Week 1 (May 4 - May 10)

Bus Rider                         Stecia B.  - Rides IndyGo to commute from Indy to Feiwell & Hannoy                                
Bicycle/Walk                    Kenneth B. - Bikes from Indy to the IU School of Dentistry                      
Carpool/Vanpool              Heath H. - Carpools from Shelbyville to the State Government Center                   

Week 2 (May 11 - May 17)

Bus Rider                         Jon C. - Rides IndyGo to commute from Indy to the Steak 'n Shake Corporate Office                     
Bicycle/Walk                    John D. - Bikes from Carmel to Roche                      
Carpool/Vanpool               Karen C. - Carpools from Indy to the State Department of Health                  

Week 3 (May 18 - May 24)

Bus Rider                         Mary L. - Rides IndyGo to commute from Indy to the Indiana Family Health Council
Bicycle/Walk                    Michael S. - Bikes from Indy to IC Design Services               
Carpool/Vanpool               Michelle H. - Carpools from Brazil to the State Government Center               

Week 4 (May 25 - May 31)

Bus Rider                         Dixie L. - Rides IndyGo to commute from Indy to Benesch Law                    
Bicycle/Walk                    Will T. - Bikes from Indy to Parsons Brinckerhoff                 
Carpool/Vanpool               Adam D. - Carpools from Bloomington to the IHCDA                

Month of May Winners
  • $500 Gift Card:                      Lisa R. - Carpools from Anderson to PNC Bank
  • Apple iPad Air 2:                   Patricia S. - Carpools from Indy to the State Government Center      
  • $100 Gift Card:                      Boon C. - Carpools from Carmel to Rolls-Royce              
  • $100 Gift Card:                      Tammy R. - Carpools from Greenwood to Baldwin & Lyons              
  • $50 Panera Bread Gift Card:   Wanda D - Rides IndyGo from Indy to the City-County Building      
  • $50 Panera Bread Gift Card:   Heath H. - Carpools from Shelbyville to the State Government Center
  • $50 Meijer Gift Card:              Steven S. - Vanpools from Carmel to Dephi             .
  • $50 Meijer Gift Card:              Clint S. - Rides IndyGo from Indy to Ivy Tech               
  • $25 Starbucks Gift Card:        Claudio F. - Bikes from Indy to CDM Smith              
  • $25 Starbucks Gift Card:        Chuck B. - Carpools from Columbus to Rolls-Royce            

Grand Prize: $500 VISA Giftcard

Grand Prize (Two Winners)
  • $500 Gift Card
  • Apple iPad Air 2
Runner-Up Prizes
  • Two $100 Gift Cards
  • Two $50 Panera Bread Gift Cards
  • Two $50 Meijer Gift Cards
  • Two $25 Starbucks Gift Cards
Weekly Prizes
  • IndyGo 31-day pass (or equivalent, local bus system pass)
  • $50 gas card for carpools and/or vanpools
  • $50 bike shop or sporting goods store gift card